Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee Review

The Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee quad bike, a liquid-cooled 2-stroke, is powered by a parallel-twin engine based on the Yamaha RD350LC.  It has 6 gears, a kick-starter and is chain-driven.  A high performance machine, it's harder to handle than the 250, but is still a popular quad bike today. 
Although the engine is liquid-cooled, it would be fairer to say that the bottom is air-cooled and the top end is liquid-cooled.  Yamaha were obviously trying to save money on the re-designing, but it doesn't really matter in the long run.  Also, it makes a noise that really makes people sit up and take notice.  Aftermarket products are readily available for those who want to upgrade.  Exhausts, carburettors and jets are out there for the tinkering.
The frame is a good, sturdy mild steel design.  Although mine doesn't look exactly as good as the day I bought it, it has stood up to many years of rough terrain and rougher handling.  Perhaps that's why these quad bikes do so well on the second-hand market.
The brakes are hydraulic discs, (double on the front), which make for sound, efficient braking in the dirt.  If you’re going to do a lot of road riding, then you might think about upgrading.  Fortunately, the callipers from a Yamaha YFZ 450 will do the job.  It's well worth the effort if you want to feel able to cope with the higher road speeds.
Thanks to a sound front A-Arm organisation, coupled with the adequate suspension, the Yamaha Banshee is responsive over all but the roughest terrain.  Naturally, you will need to adjust the suspension to your own particular specifications before you can really judge the machine for yourself.  I have been told that a lowering bracket, which lowers the centre of gravity, does improve stability when cornering at speed on the road.
I have been very pleased with the performance of this bike over the years.  There's something individual about riding a 2-stroke in a 4-stroke world.  There's also something unique about the look of a Banshee, though I'm sure not everyone would agree that it's in a good way.  Either way, the Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee is definitely a bike worthy of your serious consideration. 
Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee Quad Bike Specifications:-

Engine Type - 2 Cylinder liquid cooled 2-stroke
Displacement - 347cc
Bore and Stroke - 64 X 5mm
Compression Ratio - 6.5 : 1
Lubrication - Premix
Carburettor – Mikuni VM 26 SS (2)
Ignition – Electronic CDI
Starting - Kick starter
Petrol Tank – 12 litres
Final Transmission - Chain
Transmission - 6 speed manual
Brakes - Front hydraulic double disc
Brakes - Rear hydraulic disc
Tyres - Front 2 1 x 7-10
Tyres - Rear  20 x 10-9
Overall Length - 1866mm
Overall Width - 1100mm
Overall Height - 1080mm
Seat Height - 800mm
Wheelbase - 1280mm
Minimum Ground Clearance - 135mm
Dry Weight - 175kg
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