Yamaha Blaster Review

The Yamaha Blaster quad, which is a 195cc 2-stroke quad bike, has been on the market since 1988 and, with only a few adjustments in 2003, it's still going strong today.  The Yamaha Blaster quad is an air-cooled single cylinder quad bike with a kick-start and a 6-speed gearbox.  Drive is provided by a sealed 0-ring chain and since 2003 it has been fitted with hydraulic discs all round.  The tank carries 2.4 gallons, oil and fuel being pre-mixed by the Autolube Oil Injection system.
The quick revving engine, fed by a Mikuni carburettor, takes only a couple of kicks to start.  Throttle response and acceleration are seamless.  Although it's a small engine, it responds well across the powerband.  It is a versatile, fun machine.  The manual clutch makes for smooth shifting with plenty of torque when you need it.
The frame is compact and lightweight, making its 324lbs, (dry weight), agile and easy to handle.  A double wishbone setup at the front combined with adjustable suspension affords wheel travel of 7.1 inches, (front and rear).  The rear sports a swingarm and a one-piece axle, resulting in a ride that efficiently soaks up the bumps.
The all round discs provide much improved stopping power.  Derived from the Yamaha Raptor's brake setup, the upgrade is something Yamaha Blaster quad riders have been requesting, for some time.  The Dunlop all terrain tyres, (21x7-10 & 21x10-8 in the rear), do their job well.  The ground clearance is 4.7 inches.
Since 2003, Yamaha Blaster quads have been fitted with a sleek nosepiece and an imbedded headlight.  The handlebars have been improved and the seat is fairly comfortable.  The footpegs are serrated to give extra grip and the heel guards keep you away from the back wheels.  The shocks are 5-way adjustable and cope well with rough ground.
On the down side, the wheelbase/width/height relationship may give concern if you are a taller, or less experienced rider.  It may feel narrow and therefore more likely to tip.  However, wider axles and A-Arms are available for those who fit into these categories.
I consider the Yamaha Blaster quad to be a good, versatile quad bike.  It's an appealing quad for beginners but has a lot to offer the more experienced rider as well.  It is a reliable machine with a broad and responsive powerband.  Don't forget, Yamaha Blaster quads have been around for 20 years.  How many of today's quads can you say that of?  This is a great little quad and such fun to ride.


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