Quadzilla CUV 500 Quad Bike Review

Last yearís Quadzilla CUV 300 quad bike had nothing to worry about.  It held its own up against the four-wheeler in the rough.  Is there a real need for a Quadzilla 500 ATV quad?  We all like a bit of extra power, but what else does it have to offer?
The China-manufactured 300 and 500 models look alike, although have different beginnings, the former being built by Linhai, while the 500 comes from the CF Moto factory.  Its single-cylinder 4-stroke CF188 engine is highly rated, the 36mm carburettor set-up giving it a smooth, modern feel.  Itís well-designed and has a look that says itís ready to work. 
Today's CUV 500 comes with a digital dash, doors and alloy wheels.  It has a radio and an MP3 USB connection, so, if you're out on the road, you've got something to listen to.  Being a road legal quad, it's equipped with the necessary lights and comes with Ancla tractor-tread tyres.  As with the pre-production model, you can still select between 2 and 4- wheel drive with diff' lock. Suspension is all round independent, the back tips, transmission is automatic and it's got hydraulic discs.  The tow bar and front winch come as standard. 
Under pressure, the increased torque really delivers when you need that extra input of power.  With the option of 2/4-wheel drive and high and low ratios, you have a variety of drive modes, making this a versatile machine.  The Quadzilla CUV500 ATV quad is a zippy bike on the road and powerful enough in the rough.
It has a powerful winch at the front which can be operated by remote control; enabling you to pull yourself out of trouble should you need to.  A tow-bar comes as standard.  The cab is of a good size, plenty of room for two, and itís equipped with solid bucket seats.  Like the 300, it has no roof or screen, although we believe that they should be available soon.   It has a solid roll-cage for your protection and thereís even a tippable carrying area behind the seats. 
The LCD dashboard display is large and clear, keeping you in touch with speed, mileage, gear and drive information and so on.   Itís well finished and solidly put together.  The liquid-cooled single is easy to use and willing to work. 
On the road it handles well and settled to a steady 45mph.  The tractor tyres feel smoother than you might imagine and the disc brakes were powerful and immediate.  It was an enjoyable ride with good visibility all round.  It's a powerful machine that responds when you need it.  All in, it's a good, practical transporter for 2 and, if you're looking for something slightly different, it could be the one for you. 
The Quadzilla CUV 500 quad bike is a powerful machine which is well capable of holding its own on the road and in the rough.  In short, the increase in power will bring this machine to a wider audience who will be pleased with both its look and its performance.   

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RRP: £4999
Engine: 493cc single
Bore x stroke: 87.5 x 82
Drive: selectable 2/4 with diff'
Suspension: Adjustable 4, independent
Trans: CVT, high/low
Max Torque: 39 NM @ 5500rpm
Fuel tank: 27 litres
Dimensions: 2880mm x 1430mm x 1900mm
Wheelbase: 1790mm
Tyres: 25 x 10-12 / 25 x 8-12, alloy wheels
Seat height: 860mm
Rear bed capacity:  290 L / 250 Kg
Colour: camouflage, black
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