Quadzilla 300E Quad Bike Review

At its inception the Quadzilla 300E, an inexpensive road legal 4 valve SUV, did a lot to satisfy the needs of the market.   At around about 60 mpg it is a simple lightweight machine.  Itís a 2-wheel drive, chain driven 280cc utility vehicle, although a Sports version is available.  It has a top speed of about 60mph, though I wouldnít want to listen to that engine noise all day, and is big enough to cope with a full size man at the wheel.  The short frame does limit the carrying capacity and thereís no fuel gauge, oil/temp. warning light, accessory socket, or manual starter.

Controls are as for a motorcycle.  The gears are foot operated while the clutch is hand operated.  So, if youíre not used to riding a bike, it may take some getting used to.  It has 5 forward gears and one reverse, which is not easy to engage.  Unlike a bike, both brakes are operated by the foot pedal.  The Quadzilla 300E takes unleaded petrol, the 8 litre tank giving you about 80 miles.  There is a reserve tank.  Luggage is available, but youíll save a lot of money by doing a custom job.

To drive, the Quadzilla 300E is neither here nor there.  You canít lean it like a bike on the corners and it doesnít feel like a car.  It does take a bit of getting used to.  Perhaps this is due to the solid rear axle and the fact that there is no differential which would allow the wheels to turn at different speeds.

The brakes are good, so be prepared for sudden stops on a good road.  It may put you over the handlebars if youíre not used to it.  Itís a straightforward, fun ride if youíre not in too much of a hurry.  Itís manoeuvrable and easy to park.

Off road the Quadzilla 300E handles itself well.   Ground clearance is only about 6 inches, so it calls for regular cleaning and lubricating.  

Build quality seems good.  The frame seems solid and everything is tied down securely.  It would be handy if the electric system had separate fuses for each component and a manual start would be a good idea.  In its favour, it is a simple machine which the average rider will have no problems coming to terms with.  Itís not top of the range and it could do with a few tweaks here and there, but, all in, the Quadzilla 300E is a capable and straightforward machine.

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