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Transporting your quad bike can be done in many different ways, but one of the most economical methods would be to use a pickup truck or quad bike trailer and ATV truck ramps, trailer ramps or quad bike ramps.  All these bike ramps are collectively called loading ramps and are designed to load your quad bike safely. If you live in the city and want to do a little off-road driving, you'll need to get your off-road quad to the trails. 

Typically these loading ramps are made of aluminium or metal and can fit onto the tailgate of a truck or trailer.  This allows the quad bike to be driven or pushed onto the bed of the truck or trailer.  The loading ramps are then removed and also placed in the truck or trailer for use when unloading.

When using quad bike ramps, be very careful as you drive into the bed of a truck.  Since the bike ramps are built relatively short, and a truck bed is usually quite high, the angle at which you drive up the ramps can be quite steep. Remember to lean forward on your quad as you go up the ATV truck ramps, or push/pull the quad up the ramps without a rider.

Here's another safety tip to consider when using loading ramps.  Depending on the design, some have two separate ramps that you attach to the truck tailgate, while others are one piece.  For the two piece bike ramps, make sure that you have securely attached each side to the tailgate to ensure that they do not slip or fall off as you go up the ramp.  If one side loosens or falls off, you run the risk of being seriously hurt as the quad may roll over.

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Indespension 8x4 Goods Trailer 750kg Ramp Tailgate Steel Sides for Quads

Indespension 8x4 Goods Trailer 750kg Ramp Tailgate Steel Sides for Quads

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