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There are many things that need to be considered when purchasing a quad bike. Do you want it for work, racing or touring? Who is it for – an adult, young person or child? Are you a beginner or an experienced rider? How much do you want to pay? What safety equipment do you need? What accessories do you want? You need to give some thought to these questions before considering what make and model to buy.

If the purpose of your quad bike is as a work vehicle, for example, in agriculture, forestry or the building industry, a lower geared model with a fair amount of horsepower and torque will work well for you. This style of farm quad bikes often comes with four-wheel drive and a winch as standard. You may want to consider a luggage rack on the front and back for hauling gear or tools and a tow bar to allow you to tow trailers and small ploughs. The exhaust is typically very quiet on these ATV's compared to the more aggressive sounding quad bikes designed for racing.

Yamaha Racing BikesFor quad bike racing, you may want to consider a two-wheel drive unit that is very light. These models are typically kick-start instead of electric due to the extra-added weight of the battery and starter - less weight and high power means a faster quad. Standard equipment on racing bikes include aggressive tyres and suspension, along with a transmission that is only equipped with forward gears. Quads designed for racing usually have a more aggressive braking system and better acceleration from the higher revving motor. These quad bikes can be purchased in either two or four-stroke versions; two-stroke engines typically do not burn as cleanly as the four-stroke models. If you are truly serious about racing you will want to swap the exhaust for a better performing system, you might also want to change some other items such as pegs, grips and fairings as well. Further modifications may be desirable depending upon the type of racing you are involved in. Successful racing demands a high performance quad bike; some examples are the Yamaha quad bikes - Yamaha YFZ450 and the Yamaha Raptor 700R and Polaris quad bikes - Polaris Outlaw 525 and the Polaris Predator 500.

Touring bikes usually have less horsepower, which is all that is necessary for the slower pace of leisurely activities. Standard equipment for touring bikes consist of, off-road tyres, less horsepower and torque, electric start, comfortable seating, forward and reverse automatic transmission and quiet exhaust. These all terrain vehicles are powerful machines and on the trail your nerve and skill will be tested by the rough ground, steep hills and falling slopes that you will encounter. There are a growing number of riders purchasing touring quads for leisure activities; this is partly due to the relatively cheap cost of these particular quads.

Polaris Quad BikesQuad biking is also becoming a very popular family activity with many quad bike Activity Centres around the country offering quad bike tours for the whole family. This is not surprising when there are quad bikes for sale that are suitable for everyone; Kids quad bikes cater for children as young as 6 years old up to young adults aged 16 years and over. Whatever your age, there’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of riding a quad bike.

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